One swipe of information

The Problem

Data retrieving for statistic analyses is of paramount importance for any business and it’s not hard to conclude that the hardest one to get is undoubtedly the one that could objectively and quantitively describe a customer’s satisfaction.

The biggest obstacles to that are how intrusive, non-comprehensive and disengaging the current methods are.

The Solution

Considering how abundant touch screen devices are in today’s society and how rapidly they are making their way into services like restaurants and retail stores, it’s not unwise to assume that handling such devices it’s natural and intuitive for the great majority of the population.

We’ve conceived a system that once incorporated into such devices, with a simple and engaging swipe over a touch screen can actually retrieve opinions over several service variables in a very efficient way.

Pending Patent

Due to the invention of a new and unique rating system we decided to procede with a provisory patent request - thus protecting:

  • Our method to gather information
  • Any software applications of our system
OneSwipe System

Feedback of 6 different categories

Just one swipe

Additional comment

Bill verification (sage systems)


Real time ratings

Performance Graphs

Analysis of time intervals

Low ratings alert

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